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Low Fee ATMs

We offer the lowest rates in town always 5%! Dont let the other ATM operators take advantage of you with fees as high has 15%... Use a CoinHub ATM and get the most bang for your buck!

OTC Exchange

Need to trade a large amount of bitcoin ($10,000+)? We can help! Contact us to set up an in person cash trade or sell any amount for a same day bank wire.

CoinHub ATM Features 
Lowest Rates

We offer the lowest rates in Las Vegas! Our ATMs are always set to 5%. Purchase up to $9500 per day at any of our ATMs!

Instant Transactions 

You can purchase bitcoins at one of our ATMs so fast it will make your head spin. All you need is a phone and cash. You can finish the transaction in less than one minute!

Convenient Locations

Coinhub offers the easiest way to buy bitcoin locally. We have multiple ATMs throughout Las Vegas with plans to expand into other cities in the near future.

Customer Support

Our knowledgeable and dedicate support team will be there to guide you if you have any questions or need help using one of our ATMs


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